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Architectural Appetite was founded in 2021 as an after-education collab to provide a brand and a platform for exciting architectural practices. AA is now ā€“ young, fresh and eager ā€“ and ready to be further shaped and polished by fellow thinkers & doers, architects & artists. for all questions, suggestions, proposals, support, vibes, etc. āœŒ

Rue Adolphe Marbotin 25, 1030 Schaarbeek (Brussels), Belgium

AA is:

Justin Dirkx

Thomas Rasker



Lives and works in Brussels and is the initiator of Architectural Appetite. Graduated magna cum laude at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Sint-Lucas Brussels in June 2020.

I consider architecture a public tool to democratize today's commercialized, mediatized and digitalized environment. My architectural projects aim to over-identify with the self-centeredness of the discipline, by claiming the discipline's language and media, though applied from an autonomous nature rather than as a service.

Whether building or drawing, I believe all architectural ideas and projects should be open to be read, interpret and enjoyed; to be mentally appropriated by anyone. No irony, less inside jokes. I translate ideas through both the fast tools of branding and the craft tools of physical creation. Accepting both ---!F@ster! --- and ---Sl0wer..--- as a mantra; standing still in order to get deeper rather than wider.

His Master's thesis MMXX Millennial Perspectives was nominated by KU Leuven for Archiprix International 2021, and has won the KU Leuven Master's Thesis Award.

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Bijenkorfstraat 51

1030 Schaarbeek




curriculum vitae



I am an architect trained at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Brussels and Ghent, working and writing from Brussels. My practice currently consists of designing architectural proposals for museums and the city, as well as writing. I write for BAVO, a Brussels based research collective, and Iā€™m a critic for the architecture website Archined.

I believe in architecture as a catalyst for freedom, a space for cultural expression and intercultural exchange. My architectural proposals have taken shape in the form of sketches, collages, emails, CAD plans, critical texts, exhibitions and scale models. They have come to embody my search for a role within architecture, as a contemporary architect who is committed to society, and therefore political. A work in progress.Ā­

photo Justin Dirkx