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ARCHITECTURAL APPETITE is an architectural label based in Brussels. We believe in more architecture and less building.

Architectural Appetite supports architectural practices which continuously question and subvert both the contemporary urban environment as well as the architecture discipline itself. We believe in architecture as a cross-media tool in the (in)determination of space. AA is the brand and the platform for relative autonomy and related freedom. Architecture always concerns itself with social interests and is highly political. We think architecture should formulate questions rather than answers. We believe criticism can only survive as a whisper from within. We are Trojan Horses, operating as fungi in the dead angle of architecture.

New Roll Thomas Rasker
Square 4 Millennials Justin Dirkx
Backyard B-2140 Justin Dirkx
MMXX Millennial Perspectives Justin Dirkx
MVA Museum Voor Antwerpen Justin Dirkx
Parallel Competition Thomas Rasker
Hypermuseum Justin Dirkx